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PostSubject: Goodbye   Tue Apr 27, 2010 6:55 pm

I'm leaving. I've opened my eyes, thought about why I'm still even in this wasteland of idiots, and decided to just leave a pointless "community". You're all idiots, in one way or another.

The biggest reason why you're all idiots is with hackers. I mean, how many cases have there been of CAUGHT hackers that were never forcibly banned? Axel, reddead, jorel (woOw), papamidnight (twice lol), cord after the third time, pwnz0r, cash, pronstar, ultimate, and like half of UE that was on the list (which I still laugh at how pathetic they seemed when they tried to justify everything). I mean, to have a list that big, full of "famous" names, and disregard it because you don't want to believe it, is just hilarious. I don't believe for a second that "pros" don't know how to check their own cfgs for hack commands, or even think to check a cfg they receive from someone else. If you're telling the truth that it was the cfg, then you're still an idiot for not combing through it, and should be banned for that.

"Here's the important part, before we move on to who got caught in this test: what does it mean if I was caught in this test?

Well, it means you didn't heed the rather annoying warnings I've been posting. Don't use cheats with your quake. Being on this list means you have used, or are using, a cheat with the same Quake you played on one of the test servers with. It could also mean you are using files or configs from a person who cheated. Regardless, don't deny it. You got caught. This is the same result that PunkBuster would give if you had connected to a PB enabled server. It is important to realize that because cheats leave traces behind there isn't a way to determine if you were cheating at the time of being caught or if you were cheating months ago or if you just tested a cheat and forgot to clean your quake."

Fucking bread and butter, and you ignored it. "A drop is a drop" my ass.;act=ST;f=9;t=4466;st=0

Another thing, does anyone even know why we scrim? Scrims were primarily meant to practice for clan wars. Railfreeze hasn't seen a clan war in, what, 2 years? "Oh, let's scrim another group of campers and run around shooting a railgun for no reason at all." It's so monotonous and fucking boring that I've literally wished I could shoot my teammates instead of enemies. We play the same groups of hackers day-in and day-out, winning and losing, starting drama for no reason at all in a game that isn't even skilled or competitive beyond a hundred people. I'm tired of seeing all these idiots say, "I'm the best" or "Our clan rapes". Go to quake live or 1.32 and then watch as your ass gets handed to you on a silver platter.

Fuck, there's so many assholes here too. The only genuinely nice people are the ones who accept the game as is, and work hard at making it enjoyable for everyone. At that description, smokey, tad, core, and myself are the only ones who do that. Everyone else just bitches at each other for no reason other than to jizz on their monitor because their e-penis gets so inflated.

Point being, railfreeze is the most boring gametype ever, and this community as a whole is made of stupid egomaniacs who can't even think for themselves or follow their own "rules". How pathetic. There's easily so much more I could disgrace all of you for, but I'm not going to waste my time explaining to you all of your idiocies and hypocritical ties.

I'm posting this on the one thing I am proud of in quake, a clan that I made. For all you simpletons, posting here means I have no respect for any other clan, any other forum, or any other group of people, besides the clan I helped raise. Goodbye.

[23:41] *pWp*Shad0w*: so howwwwww many days did sys last?
[23:43] tool: I dunno, roughly a month
[23:44] *pWp*Shad0w*: 31 days
[23:44] *pWp*Shad0w*: not bad for your first time
[23:45] tool: that's what she said
[23:46] *pWp*Shad0w*: sigh... only took you 1 min to think of it
[23:46] tool: actually I was skimming through eRa's scrim vault
[23:46] *pWp*Shad0w*: lol
[23:46] tool: I would've done it faster if I wasn't preoccupied
[23:46] *pWp*Shad0w*: thats what she said
[23:46] tool: -.-
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