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 News 2/6

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News 2/6 Empty
PostSubject: News 2/6   News 2/6 I_icon_minitimeSat Feb 07, 2009 2:19 am

[18:06] sys/Zol!D<T: wanna scrim
[18:06] sys/Zol!D<T: just kidding
[18:06] sys/Zol!D<T: Very Happy
[18:07] tool: I might quit
[18:07] sys/Zol!D<T: WHY
[18:07] tool: cause all this bs
[18:07] tool: this isn't what I wanted
[18:08] sys/Zol!D<T: what bs is happeneing?
[18:08] tool: well trident for one is being a hypocrite
[18:08] tool: he tells all new t's and applicants to be nice and play fair and all that
[18:08] tool: but he's been so disrespectful
[18:08] tool: especially to my friends in te
[18:09] tool: and then we have people who, like frost and pronstar, have really let me down
[18:09] tool: same with troxide
[18:09] tool: he quit to join te
[18:09] tool: when he was made a CL here
[18:09] sys/Zol!D<T: yeah i understand
[18:09] tool: because that's what he wanted to be
[18:09] sys/Zol!D<T: but the thing is, not to sound mean or anything
[18:10] tool: and then there's the whole fiasco with NSR
[18:10] sys/Zol!D<T: yeah why do we have that fiasco
[18:10] tool: because it's a never-ending exchange of cuss words
[18:10] tool: I have no idea
[18:10] tool: they started saying crap
[18:10] tool: then we talked back
[18:10] tool: and vicious and krnoik both have the excuse "it's just cause we're getting pumped for our war"
[18:11] sys/Zol!D<T: thats a stupid excuse
[18:11] tool: I know
[18:11] sys/Zol!D<T: is this why ur on ur "Vacation"
[18:11] tool: for the most part yea
[18:11] tool: also to think whether or not I want this mess to continue
[18:11] sys/Zol!D<T: i wouldnt
[18:11] tool: everyday it's the same
[18:12] tool: fighting, shit-talking, disrespect
[18:12] tool: I just want to play
[18:12] sys/Zol!D<T: yeah

that says it all. I don't care what anyone says, I made this clan to both win and have fun at the same time. But so far it's just been a shithole full of stupidity and disrespect. I'm pretty much on the edge of just kicking myself out of this clan and maybe even quake. I've thought about merging more than a few times now, so if I leave, those of you who want to leave with me are welcome.

[23:41] *pWp*Shad0w*: so howwwwww many days did sys last?
[23:43] tool: I dunno, roughly a month
[23:44] *pWp*Shad0w*: 31 days
[23:44] *pWp*Shad0w*: not bad for your first time
[23:45] tool: that's what she said
[23:46] *pWp*Shad0w*: sigh... only took you 1 min to think of it
[23:46] tool: actually I was skimming through eRa's scrim vault
[23:46] *pWp*Shad0w*: lol
[23:46] tool: I would've done it faster if I wasn't preoccupied
[23:46] *pWp*Shad0w*: thats what she said
[23:46] tool: -.-
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News 2/6
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